Association Insurance Australia (AIA) are the Association Insurance People, our business model is to be specialists, not generalists.

We are a team of highly experienced insurance professionals who have extensive skills in designing, administering and managing market leading insurance solutions direct to Associations and their Members.

Acting as your advocate, our friendly team is always on hand to answer your questions.

Our promise

  • We will listen to you and be there when you contact us
  • Contribute to a meaningful commercial conversation
  • We will understand your business and your industry
  • Deliver our agreed objectives
  • Never leave you inappropriately waiting for an answer
  • Find a quality insurance solution for your needs
  • We will represent you and your industry proudly

Our experience

  • 20+ years of international and national insurance experience
  • 20+ years in assisting professional Associations
  • 15+ years in designing and implementing group member insurance programs
  • Relationship management, insurance broking and underwriting
  • Risk advisory, customer engagement and claims management
  • Proven insurance professionals who deliver results


  • We share invaluable Association insurance knowledge and experience
  • We provide you access to National and Global insurance companies
  • We offer you exclusive insurance products designed for Associations
  • High quality cover with secure insurers
  • Competitive and stable insurance pricing
  • A partnership that is built on trust and transparency
  • Our goal is to maintain long term stable relationships
  • An attractive and ongoing revenue stream


  • Education about risks that members face in their business
  • Impressive service that responds quickly and professionally
  • Provide members with online insurance processes
  • Represent members professionally when a claim occurs
  • Ensure members have independence from their colleague’s insurance program
  • Support members with access to legal advice when needed
  • Remove the complexity out of insurance
  • Provide members with tangible and beneficial options
  • We have responsive and experienced insurance professionals on call

Strength under the Insurance Advisernet banner

AIA is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Insurance Advisernet (IA) founded in 1996.

IA are a national organisation in both Australia and New Zealand and this allows AIA the benefit of maintaining their local presence whilst being able to be part of a national group for products and services needed by their customers in today’s complex business world.


Association Insurance Program

In today’s commercial environment professional associations often face complex risks in the ordinary course of their business. Our 20+ years of experience of understanding the required protection an association must have is what sets us apart from our competitors. Association Insurance Australia has the skills to develop, implement, manage and administer packaged insurance policies specifically designed for professional associations in Australia.

For many professional associations, an appropriately tailored insurance program can be difficult to navigate. We can offer your association protection to ensure its Directors, Officers and Voluntary Workers are covered for work they undertake for your association.

AIA will offer your association

  • Policy coverage that is specifically designed for associations
  • Access to legal advice that supports your association
  • Our secure and regulated insurance partners who have a proven ability to pay claims
  • Competitive and consistent premiums
  • An attractive and ongoing revenue stream
  • Ability to transact and deliver policy enquiries online
  • Impressive claims advocacy and support

How we protect your livelihood

AIA has the experience and support of the insurance market to provide your association with a comprehensive product suite that is designed to cover your potential exposures, livelihood and brand reputation.


Association Liability

A packaged policy which is designed to meet the needs of Associations. It provides insurance cover for Management Liability, Professional Indemnity, Organisational Liability, Employment Practices, Crime, Superannuation Trustees and Statutory Liability.

Cyber Liability

A policy designed to protect commercial businesses of all kinds against a wide range of first party and third party liability cyber exposures that arise when their customer information is breached or stolen.

Corporate Travel

For a variety of reasons, the coverage that a standard leisure travel insurance policy represents does not, in most cases, suit the business and /or corporate traveller. Key differences include, coverage extends to the whole business, not just an individual, cover extends to all employees, directors, officers including accompanying spouse & dependent children.

Event Cancellation Insurance

Covers loss of total expenditure or gross revenue (including profit) that results from the cancellation or abandonment of an event such as a member conference due to circumstance outside of your control.

Volunteers/Personal Accident

Provides financial compensations and cover for defined out-of-pocket expenses if an accident results in the injury or death of a volunteer. This is provided that the accident occurred while the volunteer was performing authorised voluntary work on your behalf, or while they were travelling to or from that work.

Workers’ Compensation

Is a compulsory insurance that all employers must take out for their workers. The definition of a worker varies slightly in each State, however generally workers include; anyone receiving a wage or commission from your business, including casual employees, temporary employees and in some cases even contractors.

Property Insurance

Also known as building insurance can cover many property types. Common risks associated with commercial properties are damage from fire, floods, earthquakes, theft, malicious/accidental damage, loss of rent, glass, property damage, machinery breakdown.

Motor Fleet

Covering the private and business use of your motor vehicle(s) in the ordinary course of your business activities. Coverage for both your vehicle(s) and any third party damage your vehicle may cause.

Public Liability

Protects you and your business against financial risk of being found liable to a third party for death or injury, loss or damage of property or economic loss resulting from your negligence


Member Insurance Program

Membership has been the fundamental framework for associations for over 100 years. It captures the mindset of the people who join and the staff who support them. It permeates the thinking and behavior of volunteers as well as policy makers. But, it is becoming more complex with the rapid increase in technology and social media use coupled with demographic change.

This is where AIA can assist.

Insurance can often be a major consideration for professionals who rely on protecting their livelihood and brand in the ordinary course of their professional duties. Often insurance is complex and professionals who belong to associations seek guidance from them. With AIA’s extensive experience in designing and implementing group member insurance programs, we can remove all of this complexity providing you with real tangible and valuable member benefits.

What does AIA offer you?

  • We protect your livelihood and brand reputation
  • We construct a bespoke member insurance program
  • Utilise Insurance Advisernet’s negotiating power
  • Cover can be provided for home, car and personal travel
  • Reduction in the cost of premiums for endorsed Association members
  • Policy coverage which meets your risk profile
  • Access to regulated insurers with a strong Australian and International presence
  • Exclusive insurance products and premium options
  • Pay by month premiums
  • Professional timely response to your enquiries
  • Conference attendance – we’ll see you there

How we protect members

AIA’s focus is to work with associations to better understand the industry risk profile and their member’s needs. We have extensive experience in understanding, developing and implementing market leading individual, group or master policies for association members.


Engagement Model

Our model demonstrates that AIA can provide to your association and members true and tangible benefits. Products, services, support and remuneration are all provided by AIA which has been proven to improve the association’s viability and increase member loyalty.

Claims Advocacy

Types of claims faced by Associations
and their members

  • Breach of professional duty
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Defamation
  • Breach of consumer law legislation (Trade Practices)
  • Occupational health and safety proceedings
  • Infringement of intellectual property rights
  • Breach of confidentiality
  • Allegations of illegal or improper conduct
  • Wrongful dismissal or discrimination in the workplace
  • Harassment claims from employees
  • Fidelity claims
  • Breach of consumer advertising guidelines

Process and Support

The advocacy and support provided for all claims notified to us will be one of our main focuses. At the time of need, we’ll be easily contactable, supportive, empathic to your circumstances and of course confidential to every situation. We will ensure that as our customer you will be kept up to date with all correspondence during the course of your claim.


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Drew Fisher, AIA’s Managing Director very quickly became my go-to person for all facets of operating my organisation. He is caring, empathetic, thoughtful and personable.

Robert Barnes

The Association Success Guy

It’s the way AIA conducted themselves that made a measurable impact on the association at a strategic and operational level.

We were over dealing with the majors. We wanted people who were business people like us and who cared about our Association and our members.

AIA has significant business experience that they bring to the table and if use them, you have found yourself a truly trusted advisor.

Aptify Director Australasia


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AIA is proud to contribute to the IA Foundation!

Since 2015, the Insurance Advisernet Foundation continues to support local Australian organisations that work to help change the lives of individuals, families and communities for the better. AIA are proud supporters of the Foundation.

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